May 26, 2020

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<p>Thank you Kahuna !</p>
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<p>~ shine ~</p>

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Good evening from this lil ray of sunshine

<p>Hi , I'm new here . I am 61 years young . I identify as a " Little " / submissive . I was invited by a submissive friend of mine . She thought I would enjoy this site and she is new to the lifestyle , she wanted me to check things out . We're both Fet Lifers . ( I am not active on FL ) I have been there since they opened the site. Marquis de Sade from Yahoo chat brought me there to begin an online journey of self exploration . However I've lived this lifestyle all my life . My Mother was Domme and she raised me to serve . I've had the pleasure of running my own site for about 12 years , with over 8K members, it was Daddy Doms and babygirls , I however closed down in 2014 though due to mismanagement of people I entrusted to help me .</p>
<p>I hope to make some new friends , and to further be a nurturing person to those I may find here that need me .</p>

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