June 30, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Complacency

New reply from emergingessence

<p>Complacency is something I worry about a lot because it’s something I have a tendency to slip into quite easily without realising… especially when beginning to feel safe and secure, and although I hate the thought of taking anything for granted,</p>
<p><span class="s1">I’m not sure how to shift from that mindset of trying to move away from the feeling of living in a state of constant inner turmoil (to try to avoid becoming complacent)… which helps no one. <br />I’ve begun to wonder if it’s a side-effect of privilege.</span></p>


Original Post by _daisy_


<p>In response to another iteration of the bromide "Submission is earned" on twitter, I saw that Humbled females answered thus: Dominance is also earned and not by complacently waiting for the perfect man to fix you.</p>
<p>What does it mean to you not to be complacent either in your submission or in waiting to earn a dominant man's attention? What does it mean for the men? What work is best done by herself on herself?</p>

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