July 1, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Complacency

New reply from Lord Ren

<p>Daisy, I saw this thread minutes after you posted it and was writing a post at the time, but it wasn't panning out the way I wanted it to so I deleted it and stepped away for a while. I deleted it because, quite honestly, the HF Twitter account (Which I presume is run by Marc alone) said it better than I ever could in that time I spent attempting to write that post I deleted. There is really nothing more I can add to that Twitter post that would be substantial. Later in the day I remembered a post I made on FetLife that described how to find a Master. I have already said all I can say on that topic over on FetLife, and I may decide to copy that over here at some point. (Though, at the same time, I'm rather glad that my post over there is rather hidden.)</p>
<p>Something I have noticed as a common trend, both in my girl and a few of the female posters in this, is that there is too much of a focus on a singular word that you miss the entire message. I believe this thread has been started off on the wrong foot because of it: focusing too much on the <em>act</em> of being complacent leaves you blind to the true meaning of the quote in the OP.</p>
<p>I am reminded of another post somewhere on HF about Indian mythos, specifically about a woman named Vasuki, which was posted by lia. That story of Vasuki is what every female should aspire to become. Vasuki is the embodiment of that intensely submissive mindfulness that Daisy quoted. While I am unsure of the accuracy of how the story is told, I can say that the words quoted in that post are how Tamil women are taught, and brought up, from a young age. I know this from someone who had first-hand experience.</p>


Original Post by _daisy_


<p>In response to another iteration of the bromide "Submission is earned" on twitter, I saw that Humbled females answered thus: Dominance is also earned and not by complacently waiting for the perfect man to fix you.</p>
<p>What does it mean to you not to be complacent either in your submission or in waiting to earn a dominant man's attention? What does it mean for the men? What work is best done by herself on herself?</p>

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