July 1, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Complacency

New reply from .willow.

<p>I can see that too. I was coming from a different perspective. And relooking at your OP, there are many different things besides the goals I referred to that can keep one from being complacent. </p>
<p>I related to the general self-improvement goals because every man I've spoken with required these types of things from me. So for me, continuing self-improvement relates to submission, at least in part. </p>
<p>But I also think Patriarchy did a marvelous job at being more on point with what you were asking. :)</p>


Original Post by _daisy_


<p>In response to another iteration of the bromide "Submission is earned" on twitter, I saw that Humbled females answered thus: Dominance is also earned and not by complacently waiting for the perfect man to fix you.</p>
<p>What does it mean to you not to be complacent either in your submission or in waiting to earn a dominant man's attention? What does it mean for the men? What work is best done by herself on herself?</p>

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