June 30, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Complacency

New reply from Patriarchy

<p>Step 1)</p>
<p>Treat yourself; take a trip to your favourite coffee shop. You will need two pens,  a small blank book, and possibly a few hours of time. Relax. Find a nice place to sit. You will be doing the mental work of figuring out what you want to achieve and being somewhat specific about it.</p>
<p>A short list of tentative goals will populate the first page. There is no need to be discriminatory in this phase. Write down anything you feel would be meaningful  to work towards. In your case, you want to articulate what it is you are seeking relationship wise. These might be either characteristics of the relationship, characteristics of the man, powers of attraction you would like to develop, or personal flaws you feel drawn towards working on. </p>
<p>Step 2) </p>
<p>Enjoy your coffee. Flip the page and consolidate the list. Pick out those things which you wish to dedicatedly focus on. Prioritize them. Take your time, this is an intimate activity. This page is in some sense your Master, for the time being. <br />This page is akin to a God, before whom you prostrate yourself, with all humility. Have a hard look at the list and remember that sometimes, less is more.</p>
<p>Step 3)</p>
<p>The smell of coffee is sometimes used in aromatherapy, burying your nose into a hot espresso and inhaling is profoundly tranquil. I recommend it. Dedicate a page to each of your committed aims. Write out anything that you can think of that would be of assistance in achieving what you have set before you.</p>
<p>Step 4) </p>
<p>Schedule when and how you will be working towards these goals, and at what point you will re-evaluate your progress and methods. The most effective way to do this is to keep a visible calendar up, and chart adherence to your plan. Having two giant blank laminated monthly planners up in your bedroom for example. This makes complacency an eyesore and it allows you the important step of internally validating yourself for every dedicated task, as you mark it down.</p>
<p><br /><b>What work is best done?</b></p>
<p>Though not the same for all men, I can answer this as I would for a daughter. <br /><br />* General Health, Fitness</p>
<p>* Weight Loss (unless you happen to sport a a well proportioned curvy build or big bust that is working for you)</p>
<p>* Flexibility  </p>
<p>* Grace and Elegance in your Kinetics (visually pleasing movements to behold, that are not clumsy, and suggest femininity)</p>
<p>* Gag Reflex Deconditioning, and Oral Aptitude</p>
<p>* Culinary Skills with Regard to Taste </p>
<p>* Culinary Skills with Regard to Nutrition </p>
<p>* Massage skills</p>
<p>* Conversational Comportment (that is specifically aimed at being pleasing to dominant men)</p>
<p>* Fostering a Sense of Humility </p>
<p>* Fostering a Sense of Service </p>
<p>* Significant Emotional Baggage (that has gotten in the way of past relationships)</p>
<p>I’m just throwing a few things out off the top of me head here since it was asked. Is this what you are looking for?</p>
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Original Post by _daisy_


<p>In response to another iteration of the bromide "Submission is earned" on twitter, I saw that Humbled females answered thus: Dominance is also earned and not by complacently waiting for the perfect man to fix you.</p>
<p>What does it mean to you not to be complacent either in your submission or in waiting to earn a dominant man's attention? What does it mean for the men? What work is best done by herself on herself?</p>

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