August 20, 2020

Video: Enforcing a Conditioned Sexual Response to Housework

Sometimes polishing up the kitchen or running a vacuum through the living room can give a female a sense of satisfaction and a little extra pep in her step, but there are days when these tasks take on a different feeling: mounds of laundry and hundreds of square feet to dust can suddenly be overwhelming, even depressing. At Humbled Females, we believe females should be encouraged to embrace their domestic responsibilities with positivity, obedience, and mindful enthusiasm. Housework should be a pleasure, and there is a training method we recommend that takes this literally. To reinforce a healthy psychology around housework, we recommend creating a connection between domestic labor and sexual stimulation, making the experience erotic. With enough conditioning through repeated sessions, the female will associate housework with sexual arousal, triggering a conditioned sexual response (CSR). The resulting pleasure reward of this method has an obvious utility: to reify the female’s domestic responsibilities as positive, insuring she finds stimulation in housework, which in turn makes her more productive and a better slave. Marc Esadrian trains Ginger in this method using a Bluetooth-controlled remote vibrator that is easily managed from a smart phone. Ginger’s routine culminates with an intense focus on her work and a resulting orgasm at day’s end.

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