May 16, 2020

Image Gallery: Graceful Drudgery

“Another gallery brought back by popular demand. Household cleaning isn’t just a chore to get through: it’s something I expect my slaves to immerse themselves in. Plying the mind and body to this thankless domestic drudgery is a time-honored tradition among females in every major civilization, and in my home, this sexist tradition continues: helping to make my world beautiful is an act of service and devotion. Kept nude and barefoot, she is reduced, humbled, and efficient in her labor, her senses enlivened. Her feet feel the floor for crumbs and debris as she walks, her hands are trained to feel, wipe, polish, and scrub, her body in intimate union with the atmosphere of the house. Her exposed flesh is made available for immediate correction, should she so deserve it, and her holes are open for use without notice.”

—Marc Esadrian

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