June 3, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Why is Everyone so Nice?!

New reply from teejayel

<li>The focus is clear: males and females who see the life of a normal heterosexual relationship as various degrees of her submission, as a natural progression until consent to full submission. No other variations. This is seen as a, the, natural heterosexual progression. the basic tenets are assumed by the overwhelming majority. </li>
<li>That it is generally relationship based, rather than purely sexual experience. </li>
<li>That, although there are pictures, there are relatively few, and it is discussion based, perhaps partially because as a paid site, those who don't pay have only the forums through which to contribute.</li>
<li>It is discussion based, dialogues involving only males, especially those with a less practical or less sensible approach, tend to fade and those with only females go off subject, whilst those that retain the involvement of both sexes develop interestingly. In groups as well as individually, for things to work you must carry the female with you. (They are quite important). </li>
<li>It is a relatively small community where various strands of ideas can be followed. </li>
<li>The whole, albeit quite graphically illustrated, has a bedrock of expressed philosophy against the background of which people can express their opinion, experience or the degree of their compliance.</li>
<li>It is inclusive such that only obvious fools get excluded. </li>


Original Post by TryingMyBest

Why is Everyone so Nice?!

<p>After being a member of several websites, one thing which stands out in the conversation in this forum, is how nice everyone is to each other. On all the other d/s websites I have been on, many of the threads are terribly unpleasant. Many members literally take joy in destroying the other. And I have been thinking, why is this website different?</p>
<p>I think the reason is that this website is geared towards 'humble' females. When a female is humble, her feminine qualities best express themselves, qualities such as warmth, support and care. And when a woman expresses herself this way, this tends to bring out the best in the men who are in her social group. This I believe is the reason, why conversation on this website is so pleasant.</p>
<p>Any thoughts?</p>

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