May 26, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Table Talk: Male and Female Interaction

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<p>Where to start…</p>
<p>I’m sure hubris is a part of the/my equation somewhere, but it would probably be a very small part.  I agree with @odinsflower “victim” is not how I see myself.  I see “victim” as a useless term, regardless of one’s circumstance.</p>
<p>I grew up religious, more fundamentalist, because of my father and yet, mainstream.  I found it very confining and way too restrictive.  We have also been watching “Unorthodox” on Netflix, and while far more oppressive, I can definitely relate, but while I’m not happy about how religion limited my life path, I also see how it served me and has shaped me for the person that I am and is responsible for a lot of the good in my life—including my Husband.</p>
<p>i can also relate to the woman in the video, somewhat.  I was sexual at a young age, though only with myself.  I think, perhaps, religion protected me a bit from myself, as it was “wrong” or unrighteousness, and therefore, I curbed my inclinations.</p>
<p>I’m not sure what the natural/inherent nature of a woman necessarily is.  Maybe I and other women that identify as “slave” are outliers, or perhaps, that truly is the root of who we are, I’m not sure.  Personally, I find all of my life experiences, good or bad, as valuable and try to learn and grow from them.</p>
<p>I’m lucky that the man that is my Husband, that I met at a very young age, is still my life partner and is willing to grow on this life journey with me; and at this stage in our journey, is taking the lead.</p>

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Table Talk: Male and Female Interaction

<p>Stumbled upon a podcast that really fascinated me. A young, astute woman was a guest on The Roommates. She gave vivid details about her fascination with sex at a very young age. Furthermore, she chronicled her failures with the opposite sex. Through her many failures, she began to look inward. She had an epiphany, it was her fault. What really drew me in to her was her openness with her experiences. Her family was not too thrilled with her natural affinity towards sex. <br /><br /></p>
<p>They nicknamed her “lewd” as an oppressive insult. Even though she had faced opposition from her family, she still chose to pursue her profession. Being a rebellious and outspoken child had nurtured her desire to be the woman she is today. She realized that through her subsequent failures, she chose to learn from them. She was very insightful and sought to remedy her lack of mind blowing sex by extrapolating the good and bad experiences. In my opinion, she’s an extraordinarily existentialist. It’s a rare treat to see a woman capable of understanding the instincts of both male and female. <br /><br /></p>
<p>Vanilla world is starting to surprise me with these rare gems. I appreciated these two gentlemen for inviting her to their show. What does it take for an average person to grow beyond their hubris? </p>
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