May 31, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Not today…

New reply from Nina E.

<p><em>"Finding someone you're accountable to can help."</em></p>
<p>I second what daisy said. For a submissive woman, sometimes this is the only thing that works. It's very hard for some personalities to change by themselves <em>for</em> themselves. But to change yourself for another, special person? Submissive personalities excel in this, they tend to like it a lot.  It doesn't work just choose someone at random to be your "personal trainer," even a close friend, no matter how eager they seem to be to help out. For submissive personalities, the individual needs to be dominant and highly motivated in your improving your performance because he has invested time, energy and interest in you from which he expects a very high return. To me, that is the ideal situation: a master, owner, or other controlling dominant male who cares enough about your service and self-improvement to make one's life "difficult" for you if you do not perform as expected.  This energy is much stronger, more directed, and more alert/intelligent than that of a good buddy just trying to help you out of your personal angst. There's nothing like being under the control a man who intends to get good service from a female clearly capable of fulfilling that expectation.</p>
<p>Regarding that last point, you need to bring something to the table, as well. Things like a malleable, fluid personality that is not in love with itself as it is, that is, someone who is still aware of and pained by or embarrassed by some of her own own faults, and who greatly desires (more than anything else she desires) to change what her man doesn't like in order to please him. Someone who is <em>highly motivated</em>. But desire isn't the only prerequisite: the female has to actually be capable of changing (some developmentally stunted people lose that ability as they age, or never really had it). So in, short, it requires a motivated human catalyst acting upon human material, which, while it may initially appear to be "inert" on the surface, is actually active and still living at its core. </p>

Original Post by emergingessence

Not today…

<p>Do you have methods that you use for moments you just really really really don’t feel like doing things?</p>
<p>I seem to at times hit a wall. Everything goes along fine and I get into a good routine, and suddenly wake up one day and don’t feel like exercising (for example). I will push through it but the next day it is there again and again and again… feeling like it’s laying in wait for the first “reason” or sign of opportunity and bam! the moment my mind finds a “legitimate” reason as to why I “should” skip exercising that day, I do. The problem doesn’t end there though. It just snowballs from there until suddenly a week has passed and I haven’t done any exercise.</p>
<p>the exercise is just an example… it’s more the mindset around it all that I’m hoping to get some help with gaining clarity on please.</p>

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