June 7, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Learning to be a pleasing hostess

New reply from Bslave

<p>A mindful Hostess? I love that!</p>
<p>The night that I met my Owner, He had planned to either scare the hell out of me and make me run out or I was going to fall in love with being His slave. </p>
<p>He walked me through His house and it was neat and orderly. everything had its place and nothing was to be out of place.  Mostly because He could be a scatterbrain and forget where He put things and really hates to look for it.  Telling me that if I stay, this is how the house will look every night before the slave goes to bed.  (yes, I was a bit nervous at that) </p>
<p>My Owner has taught me to be efficient when planning things for his friends and for events we may go to or have at the house. The kitchen is where I like to perform my domestic goddess impressions, but like you, He is a dream cook!  </p>
<p>When a guest walks into the kitchen or any room of the house, I can find what they need instantly and serve it to them. A pillow, a blanket, toys, whatever. i know where it is and how to present it to them properly and obediently.  </p>
<p>Cooking and serving His guests is what I think I enjoy most doing. To prepare something, serve it as His proud slave and hear them rave to Him about it, makes me happy. </p>


Original Post by bessie

Learning to be a pleasing hostess

<p>My mother did a decent job of teaching me the basic domestic arts. I learned the fundamentals of cooking and cleaning when I was young and I’m grateful to have had that foundation in my life as I see so many females today grow up without it. It was my Master, however, who put me on the path to becoming a gentle, pleasing, and <em>mindful</em> hostess. Master has taught me the importance of going beyond simple domestic acts and learning skills that bring extra pleasure to a Him in His home and to any guests He may have. For instance, under my Master’s leadership I’ve learned to plan exciting meals while being efficient in my preparations so that the kitchen isn’t a disaster area while I’m cooking. He’s taught me to put care into details such as making sure that food is not only delicious, but also beautifully displayed and presented. Master has also found it useful to have me learn special skills like mixing drinks to add a little something extra to an evening or holiday. I love pleasing Him by refining my domestic abilities in this way and I very much enjoy putting my love for Him onto all of those special touches. </p>
<p>What sort of refined domestic skills have you enjoyed learning to please your Man? I would love to know what other females have learned. </p>

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