June 2, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to How do you record slave behavior?

New reply from Nina E.

<p>First, I want to say that this is the first thread to show up in my brand new home page feed. :-) I don't know if you see the new page if you jump directly to the forums from a link but I saw it from my normal link: just <a href="http://www.humbledfemales.net">humbledfemales.net</a>. It's a very different home page these days!  Anyway, I figured I would respond to it, to honor this social media sea change. :-)<br /><br />When my Master was training me, we did not live in the same locale. He would keep a list of my transgressions. Sometimes they were things I forgot to do or didn't do completely, but mostly they were attitude-related. He considered those the most important transgressions. I think someone else in this thread mentioned their man does this as well. When He would come to visit me, He'd bring the list, discuss them with me, and then punish me for them. And yes, there were a lot. I probably committed every single one of  the "stupid new slave" mistakes. :-/ To be kinder to my former self and others who are new to slavery: it takes a while: time plus training plus dedicated self-work to become accustomed to living, thinking, and feeling in a very different way than one has before. I feel it is great privilege and an honor to have been trained so thoroughly and expertly in this way.<br /><br />As far as other record-keeping goes, I do it about my diet and have done this for years because I used to have a serious weight problem and could easily have one again. This health issue, as we all know from news sources these days, affects you worse as you age and brings numerous complications that shorten one's life. So I am doing my best to stay healthy and functional for Him, so I can serve Him better and longer.  I record daily everything I eat (and drink, if it has calories) and exactly how much of it. The how much part, the "no sloppy guesstimating" is a key to success in weight loss, I am convinced: it is way too easy to lie to oneself about portions and even ingredients if you aren't actively weighing and measuring everything. I do minor approximations. For example, I know that two small, cooked pieces of chicken tenderloins are approximately 100 calories, so I don't weigh these out anymore. Sometimes they are slightly less in weight, sometimes slightly more, but they are all close to that figure, because that food is cut in a certain standardized way. Then, at day's end, I total the calories for the foods I've listed, I add a line for my exercise (what and how long) that day, if any, and my weight figures for the previous day and the next day, so He can compare. This short list of emailed  statistics lets Him see at a glance where I am health and eating-wise and allows Him to make corrections, interventions, or suggest changes, where necessary. I follow His suggestions to the letter when they come, even if they aren't hard commands. For example, many years ago I was thinking about getting a diet soda at a movie once (remember going out to movie theaters? nostalgic sigh) and He told me they were bad for me. Just a suggestion, but I followed up on it: I did the research.  While these sodas have no calories and that superficially seems ideal, they are known to cause a person's body to actively starting adding fat, particularly the dangerous belly fat.  And yes, over time, the stats show that people who drink diet soda tend to gain more weight than people who do not.<br /><br />Sometimes He gives me a day or two off, when I'm allowed to relax my eating regime and have a restaurant meal (these are notoriously hard to calculate calories for: if you don't make it, you don't really know what's in it), but I still send Him the weight and exercise stats with a ? in the food row or my best guess, based on what I can find online.</p>


Original Post by MasterCaber

How do you record slave behavior?

<p>I am curious about how others record and keep track of their slave's behavior and how things are improving or getting worse. Right now I am unsung a white board with certain categories for which she can earn good or bad marks. Good marks earn rewards and bad marks earn punishment. I also keep track of her body weight in a similar way. This works and only takes about 20 to 30 minutes at the end of every day but it is a bit cumbersome and very much left to interpretation. It does however give her a great metric to judge what she needs to do more and less of to achieve her goals. How do you and your Master keep track of your progress?</p>

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