May 24, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to High heels vs bare feet

New reply from Omega Prime

<p>I'm very practical minded and would have my female wear what is best for the situation, but on the whole, I prefer bare foot as it represents "one without possessions", a sentiment I hold toward slaves.</p>

Original Post by lovingmaster1

High heels vs bare feet

<p>Which do you think is more submissive, high heels or bare feet? I've always found bare feet to be extremely submissive. Yes, high heels can be sexy. However, they are sexy in their dominance. Dominatrixes almost always wear high heels. So do professional women. They make her taller and make her proud. But a woman who is barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen is submissive. A barefoot woman is vulnerable. She is meek. She has no need for shoes because she has nowhere to go, and she can't go anywhere because she doesn't have any shoes. If a woman is nude except for high heels as strippers often are, it makes her nudity incomplete. I've noticed that the women on this website, with the exception of one photo shoot, are always barefoot. I wonder if that is by design.</p>

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