May 25, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Hello! New to this world

New reply from Nina E.

<p>Welcome questionablybratty. That is a great name…and it sounds honest, lol.<br /><br />There's lots of useful information in the forums (and also the articles, since you have a membership) about how to start these relationships, find someone sane and compatible, and avoid mistakes. There's a search box for the forums, and I find that if I put in the right words (I know, a big "if" there), relevant discussions usually come up.</p>

Original Post by questionablybratty

Hello! New to this world

<p>I’ve been wanting to dip my toes into the water for years but have always been too afraid. I find sub/dom relationships to be one of the most beautiful things on this earth. (when done right obvi) I crave it, but have no clue how to even step into the world. I fear bad doms as I nearly got involved with a fake dom a couple years ago 😔 So I figured joining a community would be the best step to take next. I hope y’all don’t mind me lurking and asking noob questions! I just wanna learn more, and maybe connect with some people 😭</p>

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