June 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Happy Fathers Day

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<p>Happy Father's Day to all.  I guess I feel ready to share my little HF real-life story.  Closer friends know this story, but I will share it today as it is appropriate. </p>
<p> A year ago on Father's Day, my dad told me he had cancer.  I didn’t think our time left together would be so short but it was.   My father and I didn't have a typical story.   He left before I was born and didn't come back into my life until my mid-20's.    After getting over the initial elation of finally meeting him, I spent several years being hostile and resentful of what had happened and wishing things had been different.</p>
<p>I had encountered my Master's philosophies a couple years before knowing Him personally.   His ideas on Male Supremacy helped me repair my relationship with my father and see his positive qualities and accomplishments.   Little did I know at the time that where my path would ultimately lead.  My relationship with my father was at its best over the last few years.     He became the Man he wanted to be, especially in his later years.   And He was supportive and understanding of me at times in my life when others were not.   Not only did my Master help alter our relationship well before I ever met Him, but He guided me and encouraged me in being a loving and comforting daughter to my father as we careened toward the inevitable end with hospice last fall.  My dad and I didn't have a "normal" father/daughter story.  But it was our story and it was a good one.    Without my Master, I don't know that our relationship would have been what it became.   And I am grateful for the light Master shone into my life and for the Man who was my father.   I miss him everyday. </p>


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Happy Fathers Day

<p>This may seem like a cheesy name by title but I believe that it warrants attention and respect. I wish every man, that has ever raised or lent a hand in raising a child, a Happy Fathers Day. Without you men in a child's life they may have never come to know a different perspective that can only be delivered by a man. So I thank you in that effort and act and in that situation in which you went above and beyond yourself to give completely and totally to the benefit of another human being. </p>
<p>I hope you have an amazing day, and an amazing weekend! </p>

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