June 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Hair in the time of Corona.

New reply from emergingessence

<p>Haha! I almost posted to this thread yesterday about a shaved head, but remembered it had already been discussed elsewhere.</p>
<p>Oftentimes the Man I’m speaking with jokes that he’s going to shave my head… but it isn’t a threat… he knows I actually love it. For some reason a shaved head on a female, in my eyes is just such a thing of beauty and femininity and complete and utter vulnerability. No hiding, no “attachment” to anything being “mine.” His “threat” is in a way, a bit of a personal promise towards our future :D</p>
<p>It does sit in a weird world of its own though. I don’t have much attachment to hair… maybe because I’ve been privileged enough to have it, and for it to be rather normal. It’s always a different thing when faced with the actual reality… maybe I’d look like an alien and he may not want that lol.</p>


Original Post by _daisy_

Hair in the time of Corona.

<p>What have you been doing with your hair now that salons are closed?</p>
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