June 24, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Brand New, still figuring out this site :)

New reply from Patriarchy

<p>I’ve gotten the sense that some feminist trolls set this site in their crosshairs a while back and that some faux profiles, like our esteemed lover of small dicks, are just going to pop up occasionally. </p>
<p>Be measured and weary and just let time play it’s part in revealing who you are dealing with. Getting to know another human being has this <i>front-loaded </i>element. It takes a good month of talking just to get through the bullshit-phase, only after which people may begin to reveal their truer colours. That time is a price we simply have to pay if we want to see <i>their cards</i>. No sense in being invested in anything they have to say until that bullshit phase is drawing to an end; one has to simply wait it out politely, without much involvement. </p>


Original Post by DickLover

Brand New, still figuring out this site :)

<p>Hello all,</p>
<p>im a pretty young submissive (22) seeking a master or owner, and also friend ship. Not sure if I will keep paying a subscription to this site as the programming is way outdated, BUT, if I make enough relationships through here, it just might be worth it :D So I am optimistic about that! Hopefully I’ll have a good time and make internet friends. Also, I wrote a bio but I don’t know if I did too much? If anybody is down to read it and give feedback that would be cool.<br />It’s hot as balls over here in Southern California! <br />peace ≧◡≦</p>

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