July 12, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to And in the beginning…

New reply from Nina E.

<p>EE, why aren't you there? Is it because one of you has had to put it off or because of things outside you both that are beyond your control (like maybe the way a little virus has turned this world upside-down)?<br /><br />I'm glad she approached you first, Lord Ren. It's a very good sign when a female does this. Most self-identified submissive females, even those who think of themselves as slaves, are often far too haughty and full of themselves to make the first move. Doing so indicates a woman is actually capable of humility and not just talking the talk.</p>


Original Post by .willow.

And in the beginning…

<p>This is more of a lighter topic that I thought would be fun to entertain. I can't speak to the percentage but I have seen a good many individuals that own or are owned on this site. I'm curious "how you met".</p>
<p>I'd love to hear the story behind the event. At what point did you make the decision to move forward? And how long has it lasted so far? Or if you are not in a dynamic right now, how it came about with your previous one.</p>
<p>I reach out to both our active participants and those that may not speak very often. I think it will be interesting to hear each unique story. :)</p>

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