June 6, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to A random question…

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<p>What I know of failure, is it teaches people to not handle future failures in an extreme way and accept it as a part of natural life and learning curve.</p>
<p>Sometimes it gives new drive,to try again/do better.</p>
<p>Or in a round about way, eventually leads to success because we can not eventually succeed without failure in our life,at some points.</p>
<p>Most inventions for example came of multiple failures, prior to the end product.</p>
<p>A seemingly uneven amount of failure, can, slow someone down to the point where they feel defeated and at a screeching halt after pushing through what feels like "too much"for "too long".</p>
<p>We all know folks who genuinely have lives like this despite their best and honest efforts.</p>
<p>What seems to happen there is either the person halts in their tracks feeling a sort of learned helplessness or they push with strength, that most don't posess.</p>
<p>I think much of *the process of these folks*is humbling to an extent.</p>
<p>Such an extent as to have a need to believe something is greater then them, to guide them and give them purpose,beyond what they've experienced.</p>
<p>For property, that "greater purpose"can be the realization that failure is an opportunity to realize how powerless they are(in a humbling way).</p>
<p>When that's accepted, submission can flow from a genuine surrender, to something "that is collectively more inspiring then all the loss of control".</p>
<p>Submission becomes a honed, almost religious thing; what keeps her thriving in chaos, and in focusing on the relationship or him, she can feel a sense of peace from that focus, as it's directed at him and their shared vision.</p>
<p>This is special as that sort of focus is hard won, when the finish line isn't even remotely clear as life isn't being "fair" or hasn't been for some time.</p>
<p>She may shine, from the strength it takes to see greater purpose in him and what's ahead for them rather then what is now or was.</p>
<p>The fact that she can see in her minds eye, that they will be ok, despite where they stand because she's so focused..is special.</p>
<p>It means she believes in him so completely she's stood by him while life has whirled chaos all around.</p>
<p>Being capable of such a love is humbling for her, just as the man growing as life storms can be both humbling and strengthening(for the man).</p>
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A random question…

<p>Do you think failure is what creates humility?</p>

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